Pizza, Breakfast & Mac n’ Cheese Creations At These Newark DE Restaurants

Have you been down Main Street in Newark yet? If so, you’ve seen plenty of the best restaurants already. That may sound funny, but the downtown area of the city is host to many of the best dining establishments as I mentioned in other articles. Coming right up are four more of those fine places to eat when you are traveling with your family around Newark, Delaware.

Don’t you just love pizza? The pictures of the pizza at Mario’s Pizza look really unique. The places serves up square pizza, and it certainly appears to be quite delicious. This restaurant is also not located on Main Street. So if you cruised restaurant row looking for a bite to eat, you would miss this one entirely. Head on over to South College Avenue, and you can enjoy some delicious pizza pies at Mario’s Pizza.

Mad Macs has a unique name, and guess what, this restaurant is also on South College Avenue. You can get food from this restaurant delivered, and it is said to feature great happy hour prices. You like comfort food, don’t you? Enjoy burgers, lobster, delicious wings and much more. There are all types of mac n cheese combinations that can be found at this dining establishment, hence the name of the restaurant. And it’s also a great place to order up fish tacos.

Guilday’s Restaurant is a wonderful place to visit when you and your family are looking for breakfast. I haven’t reviewed many restaurants so far that are known for serving up a delicious breakfast. There have been some brunch places, but you get the idea. This is your breakfast spot when you need that morning fuel. It is located on Pulaski Highway, and the reviews say that the prices for this establishment are very reasonable.

Then there is Metro Diner, and its location is 4601 Ogletown Stanton Road. Guess what, it’s also a place known for serving a delicious breakfast, yet you can also enjoy a wonderful lunch, too. Chicken and waffles, home fries and pot roast are a few of the menu favorites. This place can get a little busy, so be ready.

You’ve been told about two great breakfast places, a restaurant that serves up unique mac n’ cheese combinations and a pizza place. These four restaurants are sure not to disappoint. After all, they have some of the best ratings in terms of the top places to eat in Newark DE.

Tips For Buying New Homes In Newark, Delaware

New construction homes provide a number of advantages over older homes. Not only are they generally more energy-efficient but they often can be customized to fit your lifestyle and your decorating preferences. The process of buying one of these homes is a little bit different than buying a standard home, however. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, keep these tips in mind when buying new homes in Newark, Delaware:

1. Use your own real estate agent.

When you visit a model home, there will most likely be a real estate agent present. Instead of relying on them to help you with the buying process, however, you should enlist the help of your own agent.

Typically, the agent who is on-site will have a pre-existing relationship with the builder. As a result, their advice may be colored by that relationship, focusing more on what is good for the builder rather than on what is good for you. When you bring your own agent, however, they will be looking out for your interests rather than the interests of the builder.

2. Realize that the model home may have extra upgrades.

Oftentimes, model homes have upgrades that are not included in the base price of the home. When touring the home, find out which features are standard and which ones are upgrades. For instance, certain countertop materials or flooring choices may cost extra money over the base price of the home.

3. Hire an independent inspector.

Oftentimes, people think home inspections only matter for older homes. In fact, however, brand-new homes can also have hidden problems. By hiring your own inspector, you can catch these problems before going through with the sale. That way, you can make sure that any problems are corrected before you move into the home.

4. Compare lenders.

Oftentimes, builders will have a preferred lender that they work with. They most likely will encourage you to talk to their lender when taking out a loan. That may not always be in your best interest. It is worth comparing lenders to see which one offers you the best rate.

In many cases, the builder’s lender will have the best rate since they may have special offers or discounts available. However, it is still worth checking to make sure that you can’t get a better deal elsewhere.

Shopping for new homes in Newark, Delaware can be a fun and exciting process. By keeping these tips in the back of your mind as you shop, you can be sure you are getting the best deal possible.